About me

I’ve been a writer and public relations professional all my life. Show me a blank screen, or a clean sheet of paper, and a compulsion kicks in. I have to get the words down. I have to get the message across. And I have to do it as well as I can. I get a rush from it.

I’ve edited industry magazines. I’ve run a regional PR business. And I’ve written for, or run campaigns for, all kinds of organisations large and small, in areas that include:

  • Business computing
  • Consumer technology
  • Business consultancy
  • Education – schools and universities
  • Financial services
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel and leisure
  • Public education / awareness
  • Inward investment
  • Managed services

In addition, I’ve media-trained scores of people – from board directors and chief executives to dairy farmers and zoo keepers. I’ve also trained goodness knows how many PR people to write press releases and feature articles. I’ve shown them how to proofread, too (but first, I showed them how and when to use an apostrophe).

I work hard. I work quickly. I hit deadlines. I charge fairly. I do my utmost to do a good job for my clients. And if you let me, I’ll do the same for you – with energy, and with impact.

Robert Fenner

Lyon Communications. Don’t do dull.

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