You don’t need to occupy a big tall office building to be in business. Official figures show around 99% of the UK’s enterprises are small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

If you’re an SME, and you think good marketing communications is only for big business, think again. All organisations need to get their message across to their public. The trick is to do it effectively and on a budget. That’s where I can help.


First, there are the parts you can control – the words you use and the character you convey on your website, in your company literature, and in other forms of communication with customers and others. I write powerful, lively, engaging copy – great quality that you can afford. Visit this page for more on copywriting (who are you calling a moron, Robert?)

Public relations

Then there are the parts you can influence. Your target audiences read trade magazines, they visit websites, they subscribe to a number of online information feeds, they belong to groups, they go to events, and they’re also general consumers of news like anyone else. I can help identify the right platforms for you – and put you on them. It’s Big Business PR, but it’s at rates that are right for you. Visit my public relations page for more.


And then there are other things – things all organisations need, large or small. They need to get their messaging straight, to ensure they’re pushing the right audience buttons. They need to get their strategy right. And they need to have good policies in place – for instance, frameworks for internal communications and media engagement, or a crisis PR plan.

I can help here also. I’ve provided consultancy to major banks and public sector organisations, to global manufacturers and financial services organisations – and I’ve worked with much smaller operations, too.

Make a difference to your organisation, and get in touch. I’d be happy to pay you a visit – whether you’re in a big tall building or not.