The problem with most general stores is, well, they’re general. Not all consumer purchases can be found on their shelves. For a start, sometimes organisations are selling services, not products. And for another thing, sometimes the proposition is anything but general: it can be very specific, to satisfy a particular consumer need.

And that’s the real point, isn’t it? Identifying the need, and motivating the desire.


I write short copy for advertising, in print and online. I write longer copy, also for advertising, but for consumer marketing collateral too – fliers, product brochures, college and school prospectuses, websites, iPhone apps, and more besides.

In every case, I aim to cut through – to make your consumer proposition interesting, different, better. To make people sit up and take notice. General Store, not General Bore.

Visit my copywriting page for more.

Public relations

For consumer PR, the same thing applies – only here, it’s as much about where you say it as what you say. I’ll help you focus on the right media targets, and develop fun, creative ideas to get you coverage that delivers.

Together, we’ll go national, or we’ll run a series of regional campaigns. We’ll use broadcast, or we’ll run blogger engagement programmes, or we’ll do things in print. We’ll organise surveys and competitions, or we’ll run a programme to target the channel.

Or we’ll do several of these. If we need to, we’ll bring in friends to help. Whatever matches your needs, whatever’s going to make your customers go mmm or ooh – and at budgets for Normal People.

So, whether you have products to sell, or services to provide, or awareness programmes to run, and whether you need copy that sparkles, or PR with zing, get in touch. Visit my public relations page for more.

Go on. Open the door of the General Store.