When you’re writing for business, you need to find the overlap between what you want to say, and what people want to hear. You need to get the language right: explain familiar terms, and they’ll feel patronised, but use too much jargon, and they’ll think you’re a goon.

It needs to have structure – even if it’s under 120 words long, like this piece. It needs to have style. And it needs to meet the brief.

I do all these things, and I do them well. From short advertising copy, through web copy, to long feature pieces – and everything else in between.

Oh, and copy-checking too. (I’m obsessive. It’s a curse.) Visit my commercial page for more.


We’re all consumers. So it’s a mystery, isn’t it, why some businesses write for their customers as though they’re addressing a public meeting. Don’t they get it? Aren’t they customers, too?

There’s a knack to writing well for the public, and part of it is about realising that while some truths are universal – for instance, that people aren’t stupid, and don’t like being treated as such – other truths are less so. For example, the consumer isn’t a generic person. Some people like sport. Others like visiting country houses. Some like both, some neither.

The knack is knowing who they are, being on their side, and writing something that creates a desire in them. Something that talks their language.

That’s what I do. Visit my consumer page for more.


I write creatively for myself (I’ve won awards for it). But I can also write creatively to order.

I’ve written raps that were performed by a Fortune 250 chief exec, a playlet for English Heritage, and speeches for FTSE100 and Paris Bourse company directors.

So if you need a story or drama with a moral, or a speech for a special occasion (business or personal), or a limerick, a sonnet or another kind of poem to deliver a brand message, let me know. Visit my creative page for more.


If you believe in DIY, I can help there too. I run training courses in writing for websites, and in writing feature articles, case studies, press releases, and more.

They’re all very hands-on – and afterwards, you can use me as a copy-checker, giving you constructive feedback on your work. Visit my training page here.

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