Public relations


I can help you identify your target audiences. Not just your customers (you know who they are) but your potential customers, the people who influence them, and others besides.

I can help you frame the messages that will ring their bells.

And I can help you find the best routes to deliver those messages – whether that be online media, broadcast media, or print. (Is that you I see headlined on my news-stand? No?)

It’s not just media, either. Industry associations, conferences, interest groups – there are plenty of ways to reach the people who matter to you.

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If your proposition is unique, good for you. If it isn’t, it can still be different. It’s all about how you pitch yourself – and how you reach your public.

So if you sell to consumers, or if you provide a public service or run an awareness programme, get in touch. I can help in all these areas, and more.

Me? I’m not unique, either. I’m not the only PR guy out there. But there aren’t many with my experience, whose rates don’t make your eyes water, or who get as big a buzz out of doing a good job as I do. Visit my consumer page for more.


A big part of PR is media relations – and sooner or later, someone’s going to want to interview you.

A media interview shouldn’t be an ordeal. It should be an opportunity – a chance to get on the radar, to articulate your offer, to demonstrate thought leadership. I can show you how.

And then there’s PR as a whole. Why hire a big shiny PR company, when you can learn how to do the basics for yourself? Give me a keen employee for a day or two, and I’ll give you back your own in-house PR person, ready to roll.

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