September 21, 2016

A perfect corporate response

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This week Donald Trump Junior tweeted as follows:

“If I had a bowl of Skittles and I told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”

Predictably this caused a media backlash, and Wrigley, the company behind Skittles, felt obliged to respond. Getting the sentiment of that response right was pretty easy, I think – but getting the tone right and knowing how much is enough is a real art.

“Skittles are candy. Refugees are people,” said Denise Young, vice-president of corporate affairs for Wrigley America.

“We don’t feel it is an appropriate analogy,” she added. “We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing.”

I’m knocked out by this. Well done, Wrigley. It’s PR haiku. It’s lovely.

What do you think?

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