November 16, 2012

Calls to action

Under: Language | Marketing

More things in life are about selling than we might think. If we’re simply talking about what to have for dinner, or what’s on TV this evening, or whether we need to go to the shops, there’s a sales process of sorts at work.

Of course, the more commercial the proposition, the more overt the sales element – which brings me to the key point, which is how to succeed in it. How do we turn a call to action into, well, action?

I came across a great blog on this subject last week. Daniel Hochuli on freeshrugz posted on this subject – ‘The four words that will get your email opened’ – and he starts by telling us, they’re not “I’m Prince of Nigeria.”

The point of Daniel’s post is empathy: people can be moved if they feel we’re on their side. But he makes that point very well, in his own words, so why waste time reading what I have to say about it? Go to the freeshrugz post here, and find out what those four words are.

What do you think?

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