Rober Fenner

July 02, 2018

Writing for the web

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I spend much of my time writing blog posts for others, and very little writing them for myself. Bad. As The Donald would say. But I’m breaking radio silence to report that tomorrow evening I’ll be giving a talk in Bristol on writing for the web at our friendly local Bristol WordPress People meeting. All […]

Rober Fenner

October 10, 2012

Lorem ipsum

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I had occasion last week to use some ‘lorem ipsum.’ You may know what this is, but anyway, it’s the term used to denote placeholder text in a design. Normally, it indicates where the body copy is to go. It’s called ‘Lorem ipsum’ because at some point in the past, someone used a passage from […]

Rober Fenner

October 05, 2012

DIY PR: post-mortem

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The presentation I gave at our Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday was a first for me. I’ve led media training sessions before, and I’ve also led training sessions on writing press releases, and on articles and case studies, and writing for the web, and on PR in general. But I’ve never tried to do a […]

Rober Fenner

October 03, 2012


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Today, and possibly by the time y’all read this, I’m going to have delivered what the Bristol Chamber of Commerce is kindly calling a masterclass in DIY PR. See¬† As I’ve noted here before, most small, local businesses can’t afford to use a PR company, or to hire their own in-house PR people. But they […]

Rober Fenner

September 26, 2012

Free PR advice

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I’ve posted about DIY PR before. Many small businesses can’t afford to hire PR people or agencies, but they can learn how to do the basics for themselves. To this end, I’m running a session at the Bristol Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday morning next week (October 3rd). If you’re interested, and you’re in the […]

Rober Fenner

August 13, 2012

Public relations basics

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Early in my PR career I was part of a team visiting a timber importer in East London. They showed us around their timber-yard, and as we walked round, they told us about their customers and their target market. Afterwards, we went up to their (wood-panelled) boardroom, and they put a copy of the Timber […]

Rober Fenner

July 11, 2012

DIY PR and media relations

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Many organisations, especially smaller ones, don’t need and can’t afford to retain big PR companies – and they probably can’t justify having their own in-house PR person either. But often, it’s these smaller businesses that could most benefit from raising their profile, because they don’t have the brand recognition enjoyed by larger concerns. So, instead […]