February 13, 2014

Love poems to my clients

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Well, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day. I’ve been too busy for too long to give any attention to blogging, but hey, you have to make time for special occasions, and this is one such.

So I thought I’d celebrate the day with a few love poems in different styles. In verse as in my working life, the object of my affection is my (generic) client.

Hope you like them.



A man writing copy in Britain

Fell deeply in love. He was smitten.

“Dear client, in rhyme

I to you for all time

Dedicate every word I have written.”



Copywriter Robert Fenner

Dyed the text he wrote with henna

His true love, his client, said

“I’m glad to see my copy’s read”


Shakespearean sonnet

The lonely cursor blinks upon the screen

The page is blank, the keys await my touch

O curse these days when wits are none too keen

And words sail by and nimbly dodge my clutch!


The minutes pass, and deadlines hurry near

Will nothing – coffee? tea? – provide a boost?

With just an hour to go, in growing fear

I search, and fail to find the mot that’s juste


And then, oh then, when hope is at an end

My thoughts take sudden shape, and I can write

A headline – strapline – body copy – ‘send’ –

And I can take my well-earned rest tonight


Take ease, my heart. In this there’s consolation:

My loyal clients are my inspiration



Acorn in its cup

Client and copywriter

A perfect union



Vans and taxis thunder by

Ambulances wail and cry

Lorry horns assault the sky;

Even though I’m writing prose

Neighbours play their radios,

TVs, music – heaven knows

If I’ll ever meet this brief.

Notwithstanding all this grief

Eager client, you’re my chief.


What do you think?

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