School’s back in. I can provide help in a number of practical ways.

PR training

Small organisations don’t need to retain big PR companies. Heck, some of them don’t even need to hire me – not when all they really want is occasional coverage in their trade or local media.

I develop one- or two-day courses bespoke to you. Send one person, send a small group. They’ll learn the fundamentals of media relations, and come back to you with a tailor-made list of target media, and a story or two to get them started. I’ll even provide an occasional post-training advice line.

Everybody wins: they get a new skill, I get job satisfaction, and you get an in-house PR person without increasing headcount.

Media training

A media interview should be a positive experience. It’s your chance to add to the story, or maybe even to be its focus. It’s also an opportunity to be memorable: wouldn’t it be great if journalists kept coming back, because you’re The One?

Each training session is bespoke. For individuals and small groups, I help find the best way to express messages. I provide tips and techniques – and with other journalists and ex-journalists, I organise plenty of tailor-made practice interviews, all with lots of constructive feedback.

Writing training

I’ve trained scores of people to write. In PR, I cover writing articles, case studies and press releases – and tailor-made exercises are part of the session, so people finish the day with a template of something they can really use.

I also train people to write commercial copy. Product information, newsletters, company brochures – and of course, websites. Especially websites. Again, it’s all customised to needs.

Afterwards, people can send me copy to check through, or ask me to give them further exercises. Practice makes perfect!

It’s never too late to go back to school.